Everyday Skin Care: The Basics

Everyday Skin Care: The Basics

Most of us believe that we learned everything we ever needed to know about skin care when we were teenage girls spending big bucks on Noxzema and Clearasil, but as time passed we realized we’ve barely scratched the surface of proper skin care. Not all skin care is created equal and the sooner you learn that, the better prepared you will be for taking care of your skin.

What works for your best friend might not work for you, which is why we’re talking skin care basics today.

What’s Your Type?

This is the most important step for all of us. If you don’t know what your skin type is then chances are very good that you’re not using the right products for you.

What does that mean? Well let’s go back to those teen years, shall we? You may have wondered why you and your bestie used the same products but you kept having breakouts and she didn’t. Simple, the products were what her skin needed and they only made your problems worse.

Ever heard the phrases dry, oily or combination? You need to know that before you know which face wash, moisturizer and toner to buy.

Gentle Is Better

Skin care is not the same as cleaning your bathtub, for example. One of these looks much better when you use very hot water and harsh cleansing agents. The other…we’ll you’ll look like you rubbed parts of your skin off.

When it comes skin care products avoid—as much as possible—products with extra colors and perfumes because they are completely unnecessary and give some products a harsher clean than your skin requires.

If you use a new product and your skin feels too tight, too dry or just not right, change it up. Quickly.

The Eyes Have It

The skin around the eyes is crazy sensitive. Just feel it (with clean hands!) and you’ll see how delicate it is. Keep that in mind when purchasing makeup remover especially but cleansers and moisturizers as well.

Slow down around the eyes, rub smaller gentler circles and take extra care when you dry off this sensitive area.

Moisturizer Is NOT Optional

If you think you have ‘naturally moist’ skin, you probably have oily skin and you need products that match your skin. Including moisturizer.

Moisture not only hydrates skin, which keeps it looking young and vibrant, it also balances the moisture already in the skin. Think of it as a backup plan that you always use. If and when your skin drops the moisture ball, your hydrating moisturizer is right there to pick up the slack.


Lips Are Skin Too

Oddly enough the lips are the most neglected part of skin care for most of us, which is a shame considering how much use and exposure to pollution they experience. Don’t be afraid to add a little scrub to extra dry lips and make sure you give them a proper moisture treatment.

It’s not just lip balm either, you can restorative lip creams that are perfect after a long day the beach or on the slopes.

Sun Protection For All

No matter how light or dark your skin is, you need protection against the sun. Don’t think of sun protectant as a means to help you get a tan, think of it as a way to protect your skin against harmful rays that can cause cancer, sun spots and wrinkles.

When you choose skin care and makeup, find products that contain protection from the sun. An SPF of 20 should get the job done, but if you need more protection find a moisturizer that contains it too.

Exfoliation Is Essential

Some of you think that exfoliation is an optional part of your skin care routine. Let me be the first to tell you that it shouldn’t be. You already know that the world is filled with pollution that breaks down skin cells, giving it that pale, dry look.

Help your skin look refreshed and youthful by adding a day or two of exfoliation each week. Don’t worry because they’re not all harsh on the skin, at least not if you choose your products carefully. To start choose an exfoliator that is pH-neutral out of respect for your skin’s natural balance. And always choose an exfoliator that uses natural exfoliants like jojoba beads, pumice, or apricot to scrub away dead skin – never one with plastic microbeads that harm the environment. 

You may think your skin care routine is perfect now but make sure you follow these tips each day for flawless looking skin that gives you youthful glow!

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