5 Ways To Prevent Dry Skin

5 Ways To Prevent Dry Skin

Dry skin isn’t pretty. It isn’t comfortable and it means your skin isn’t as  healthy as it could be. Or should be. And for most of us, a day of dry skin or two is something we’ve come to expect. As the seasons change, particularly from summer to fall, we all start to break out the extra moisturizer cream in anticipation of cool winds and dry skin. 

But why wait? 

Preventing dry skin before it even happens is better—and more effective—than trying to treat it. Don’t wait for signs of dry skin, try this preventative measures instead. 

Jack Up The Humidifier 

Ever wonder why during the summer your skin looks so incredible? It’s all dewy and soft and glowing because summer and springtime in most climates means humidity. Hot air and water combine in the air to keep your skin looking truly amazing and all without much effort on your part. 

But as those lovely spring and summer seasons come to a close you’ll need start worrying about the opposite effect. So before all that summer humidity dries out pull out the humidifier to fake that moist air while you sleep. Think of it as a eight hour skin treatment. If you don’t have a humidifier you can always fake it with a large pot of water on top of your heater or wet towels in a dry room. 

Switch Face Cleanser 

Think about the skin products you use to cleanse your skin in the summer months. They cleanse the skin of sweat and oil buildup that happens more frequently when the weather is warm but those same products might just be too harsh for your skin as the seasons change. 

Prevent dry skin by changing cleansers to something milder with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin. You don’t want to use products that will dry your skin out like the ones you use in warm weather months, so now you need a cleanser that provides additional moisture. 

Use Oils 

Don’t wait until you’ve spotted dry cracked skin on your legs, feet and elbows, be preemptive against dry skin with oils. Coconut oil is loaded with nutrients to moisturize the skin but it isn’t the only oil that you can use. Safflower oil is another great moisturizer that helps enrich skin. With fatty acid that helps skin stay moist long after it’s been applied and a high linoleic acid count, it is actually a really great if not well-known moisturizer. 

This is not the time to use watery lotion that’s merely for show, or scent, you need a thick body cream or butter that will penetrate layers deep for added, all day moisture. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Layer 

Preventing dry skin is a process which can require layering and I don’t mean sweaters and flannels. No this is all about your skin care products, which you will hopefully have changed up for the new assault to your skin. 

If you moisturize daily—and you should—consider adding a serum for hydration before you add your moisture cream for an added layer of protection. This will come in handy as the skin goes from humid to dry to cold and dry. 

Don’t Over Wash Skin 

This is an important factor to remember particularly when dry skin season is upon us. In the shower you don’t need to go overboard when washing your skin, soap up and rinse off and that will be enough. Don’t rinse and repeat because it really isn’t necessary, unless of course your water is running murky. If a thick lather is produced that means you’ve added body wash soap to skin that is already clean which is a recipe for dry skin. Or drier skin. 

Be sure to blot the skin dry and moisturize your skin—from head to toe—immediately after exiting the shower. 

These are just a few helpful hints to prepare you for the dry weather season but if you’re prone to dry skin, try these tricks all year long. 

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